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Testimonials and Client Satisfaction

"The Rooms of Knutsford have provided focussed and effective help to both my daughter and I as we recover from the sudden and traumatic death of my husband (my daughters father). We trust the people we see who have offered a great combination of comfort and challenge. We have both taken huge strides forward despite our differing needs."

"My teenage daughter has been seeing Pas Kornecki for help with her anxiety. She was having lots of anxiety and panic attacks, felt unable to get to school and couldn't sleep properly. She was at first a bit reluctant to see a male psychologist but he has been wonderful with her and she felt very happy seeing him after that first session. Im just so grateful to Pas for his help - she has made great progress and is back to her old self and is leading a normal life again."

"I have had CBT at The Rooms of Knutsford. It was great and I would recommend it to anyone with anxiety problems. Great therapist and in a really nice, comfortable place."

"I paid a visit to The Rooms of Knutsford in October to get some help with stopping smoking. My better half had persuaded me to try hypnotherapy since all of my other attempts to stop had been futile. I have been smoking since I was 15, so pretty much 20 years. I'd tried patches, inhalators, lozenges and chewing gum but none of them had worked. I was met by the hypnotherapist Nigel, who instantly made me feel welcome and at ease. After an initial consultation with some questions and answers, we then got down to the business in hand. I must admit, I was slightly sceptical prior to going but as the session ended Nigel asked me a very simple question that I got totally wrong, which sort of blew me away. I had booked a double appointment as I work away a lot. It is now mid January. Since my appointment I have not had a single cigarette, nor even had a craving. And that is going from 20 a day. I would 100% wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Nigel to anybody that is considering stopping smoking."

"I was very impressed by the speed at which I got my first appointment - within days! It was all very efficient. My therapy was most helpful and I am very grateful to my therapist for that. She was very kind and understanding as well as skilled."

"I came to The Rooms of Knutsford for help with my 5 year old daughter. The help and advice I received were spot on. It has really helped my daughter - and the rest of the family."

"Many thanks for all your help. I feel much better now."

"I'm so grateful to the team. I was told that I would be waiting at least 2 years for an assessment to see if my 9 year old son is on the autistic spectrum. The Rooms managed to assess him thoroughly and provide a report with recommendations in under 8 weeks. This has meant that my son is now getting the sort of help he needs. Many thanks."

"My son had a major eating disorder from an early age, probably linked in some way to his autism. Unfortunately, neither multiple visits to GPS over the years, nor traditional dietician techniques, had much effect.
Nigel (clinical hypnotherapist) spent six sessions with my son. Each hypnotherapy session was designed carefully, building on the progress of previous sessions and included details specific to my son.
A portfolio of hypnotherapy techniques and scenarios were used with great skill.#Self-hypnosis sessions were scripted for my son by Nigel for use in between sessions, to reinforce the progress made.
Nigel and I kept in regular contact between sessions, to help prepare for the next session.
My son gradually started trying new foods and is now making good progress. His quality of sleep has also markedly improved.
Nigel offers a highly professional and effective service, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others in need. "

"We picked up more in 2 sessions than we have received from any other service with regard to my 12 year old daughter. Thank you. "

“This service is much needed. My son has been struggling for years and not been able to get any support. This is the first time he has been able to open up to someone and have a better quality of life.”

“We can’t thank you enough for helping our entire family, you have made such a big difference to our lives.” (This family were seeing two different therapists, one for the mother and the other for the child.)